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TFA Benefits is home to TFA Edge. TFA Edge is a state of the art quoting tool that cuts enrollment time, tracks prospects, stores client information, generates quotes, calculates contributions, and provides easy-to-use templates. Designed by and created for brokers, TFA Edge brings technological solutions to the most challenging of broker issues and enhances sales.

TFA Edge: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

How can our CRM help? It will allow you to manage your interactions with current and future clients using technology to organize, automate and coordinate sales and marketing.

  • Organizes your clients in a central database
  • Allows you to email all clients at once or clients grouped by carrier. This is helpful if, for example, the carrier changes forms and you want everyone to have the new document.
  • Notifies you 120 days ahead of group renewals
  • Is stocked with email templates for the most utilized forms and communication

TFA Edge: Your Online Sales Website

Want to sell online? Then you have to be on-line. We build you a website that is linked to your broker page with each carrier as well as The website also gives you the ability to showcase other services you offer and, if you're in Virginia and place your business with us, it's free. If you work or reside outside of Virginia we have a low cost solution for you too.

Webiste Screenshot2

Preview a demo sales website

TFA Edge: Group Quoting Tool*

TFA Edge gives you the ability to input a single census and get proposal ready output for all the carriers and plans you choose! If the employer doesn't have access to all of the information (spouse and children's ages or household income), TFA Edge can gather each employee's individual data via a secure online survey. That data is then automatically stored into the client information so you can:

  • Prepare quotes
  • Discuss potential pay or play penalties with your larger clients
  • Discuss whether a Split Decision would be helpful to your small group clients and their employees

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*The Group Quoting Tool is currently only available in Virginia.